Glitter Tears = Your Festival Makeup Must

Summer’s around the corner, which means the pursuit of good times and great makeup is almost upon us. And because we don’t have time to waste, we’re here to tell you that the only tears you should be shedding all season are GLITTER ones.

A gorgeous new makeup trend (which we are totally going to be rocking at our festivals) is all over Instagram, and it’s somehow garish and gorgeous all at once.

The look was first sported on the catwalk in Burberry’s Fall 2016 show, and actress Elle Fanning was seen on the cover of Vogue last year, with sparkly-sadness all over her face.

But as with most trends, the whole thing probably started on the ‘gram, where you can find a whole heap of glitter-tear-inspo with the hashtag #glittertears, ofc.

The look involves designing a dramatic smokey eye as usual, then taking the dominant colour from your lid and dotting a tear-line down your cheek, then sprinkling those tears (and the rest of your face if you fancy), in glitter.

We don’t need another excuse to look sparkly AF, but here’s a selection of our favourite glitter-tear looks.

1. The long tears

For when you don’t want to hide the fact that glitter + sadness = a thing of beauty that spills down your face.


2. The snapchat emoji tears

Who needs that snapchat filter when you can just paint your face this good?




3. The vampy tears

For this look, do a super-smokey eye than channel your cosmetic-emotion all over your face.


4. The false eyelash tears

Falsies and multi-colour glitter FTW.


5. The blink-and-you-miss-them-tears

If you’re scared of stopping traffic with your makeup, try going heavy with the eyeliner and subtle with the glitter.



6. The almost-real tears

If you want people to believe you’re actually crying, stick to blue for your glitter tears (and then add black, green, grey and everything else).





By Georgina Lawton