11 Of The Funniest (And Flirtiest) Responses From Siri

Siri isn’t a new thing, obviously. It’s just another bonus from the lovely guys at Apple. 

But this week it’s been thrown into the headlines, thanks to its major dig at Rihanna

Ask Siri for the sound of loud farts – because, sometimes, that’s all we want to do – and you might not get what you bargained for. 

According to the technology website Mashable, a user discovered that this request causes Siri to play you Rihanna’s What’s My Name, featuring Drake. Sorry fart fans. 

This inspired us to really dig into the wordly wisdom of Siri, and ask him some questions that have been burning us for a while… 

And yes. We ended up flirting a little bit. 

1. Siri, are you my friend? 



Sob. Emosh. 

2. Siri, will you go on a date with me? 



Ok. Heart. Broken. 

3. But Siri, I’m in love with you… 



4. Siri, would you like me to butter your muffin? 



It’s good to be a giver, Siri. 

5. Now Siri, who is the fairest of them all?



Oh, Siri, you flatterer.

6. Siri, talk dirty to me.



Fine. Be that way. 

7. Siri, PLEASE talk dirty to me. 




8. Siri, I’m so tired. 



Oh, you know me so well… 

9. Actually Siri, I’m really drunk 




10. Siri, I’ve made a mistake, I need to hide a body. 




11. And Siri, what is the meaning of life? 



By Laura Jane Turner