14 2015 Moments That WILL Confuse Us In The Future

This year the internet got pretty weird. 

2015 was the year of crazy viral trends. But has anyone stopped to think about how these photos – which will be archived forever on the world wide web – will look on reflection in years to come? 

1. Glitter pits 

Oh, #glitterpits.


Under-arm hair seemed to become very popular this year. Even Miley Cyrus got in on the action. 

But things reached new heights when people added a sprinkle of glitter. 

2. Hoverboards 



Brooklyn Beckham championed this pavement-wizzing device. 

But we’re pretty sure that there’ll be REAL hoverboards in the future. You know, ones that actually leave the ground. 

And we’ll all have a good old laugh at ourselves then, won’t we? 

3. Mermaid tails 



This year we fulfilled our childhood dreams and became mermaids. 

Some even took their new found fins outside. IN FRONT of people. 

4. Crazy contour



Thanks to the Kardashians, the internet’s obsession with contouring became way too real. 

The world of Instagram became a competition of who could blend away a crazier drawing from their face. 

Because that won’t look weird in 15 years. 

5. Snapchat filters



We’ll all have to explain to our children why they can’t make rainbows come out of their mouths at will. 

6. The obsession with kale and the avocado begun 



Did you know that avo’ was the most pinned food of 2015? 

P.S. Smoothies should be SWEET, dammit. 

7. Man buns 



Pretty sure this will become the mullet of the future. 

Hipster men will recoil in horror. 

8. Duck feet nails

We don’t want to look at these now, let alone in 10 years time. 

9. Hair dying techniques took on a life of their own



Sheets of glass? 

Hair stylists of the future have a lot to compete with. 

10. Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge

Future selves, we’re sorry for what you have witnessed. 

11. Netflix and chill became an actual thing

All we can do is PRAY that this phrase makes no sense in the future. 

12. Ladybeards



Because apparently we needed more hair to maintain, 2030 peeps. 

To be fair, we do have a great explanation for this one, as it’s part of Decembeard, raising money for charity.

So there. 

13. Overdrawn lips 



When subtle, this is a clever make-up hack. 

But some people just don’t know when to stop. 

14. Vampire boob job



These photos give us nightmares, even now.