#WeAreTheThey Plus-Size Bloggers and Fashionistas Fight Back

The plus-size debate is on everyone’s lips right now. Models and bloggers like Georgina Horne, Robyn Lawley and Tess Munster are all super hot, while many high street stores are stocking gorgeous fashion styles in a variety of sizes, for all bodies. And while body positivity is totally to be celebrated, some people aren’t so keen. Namely Jamelia who sparked controversy with her comments on Loose Women this week. And now, with #WeAreTheThey the plus-size community are fighting back against the singer, showing her how gorgeous comes in every shape and size.

In a discussion surrounding the debate, Jamelia commented that she didn’t think high street shops should stock plus-sized clothing and that overweight people should be made to feel “uncomfortable” when shopping. Her words caused a huge backlash, with Twitter users feeling at first angry and upset, but then plus sized bloggers decided to use the controversy for good. Twitter and Instagram users began posting pictures of themselves looking gorgeous in their favourite outfits using the #WeAreTheThey and commenting that they would carry on wearing all their favourite fashions and that, quite frankly, they didn’t give two hoots what Jamelia or anyone else thought of them.

Check out the stunning pictures below… Bravo ladies!

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