Benedict Cumberbatch Fronts Refugee Charity Single

Benedict Cumberbatch is fronting a charity single which aims to raise money and awareness for Save The Children, in the wake of the refugee crisis. Numbers have reached the highest they have ever been in history. 

In the re-release of the Crowded House single, Help Is Coming, the Hamlet actor highlights the plight of refugees.

His part of the video was reportedly recorded in his dressing room at the Barbican, and he says: “As people watching this tragedy unfold from the safety of our homes, with our safe children, we want to say that we see you, we hear you and help is coming.” 

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Social media and news outlets alike have been overrun with distressing imagery of the refugee crisis. 

Most noteably, the world was thrown into despair at the heart-wrenching photograph of a young boy, named Aylan Kurdi, who tragically lost his life after his boat capsized on route to Kos in Greece. 

And we all want to know what we can really do, right now, to help. 

So we’ve included some of the most practical actions you can take, to help our brothers and sisters during their time of need. 

1. Be an active part of stopping deaths at sea

Families are fleeing war-torn countries in an attempt to find safety. In their travels towards refuge in Europe, even more dangers are becoming apparent. The Mediterranean has become a breeding ground for criminal gangs, who are piling people into unsafe boats in order to cross the water. 

The Mobile Offshore Aid Station is staffed by a team of rescuers and paramedics, and the organisation has three boats and a helicopter to conduct search and rescue operations.

You can support them here

2. Use your voice 

Europe is certainly not in agreement with how to handle the crisis. Germany is at the forefront of offering support, promising to take in 800,000 migrants this year. Germans are also signing their own homes up to Air BnB for refugees.

If you feel that the UK should be doing more, the Refugee Council suggests you contact your local MP to put pressure on the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

You can do that here.

3. Fight the stereotype 

The Red Cross is working hard to bust the myths surrounding refugees. Head over to their website to read some real life stories, and help uncover the truth. 

4. Make a donation towards medical aid 

Offer some financial help, through a non-government organisation that is working overseas. 

This could include Save The Children, Red Cross Europe, International Rescue Committee or World Vision

5. Volunteer or donate

The Calais Migrant Solidarity group organises aid to those stranded in Calais, whilst the Childhood Bags group aims to collect books, toys and warm clothes to children. is working to house refugees, lobby local councils and offer language support.

An Amazon wishlist has also been set up to provide much-needed items over seas. 

6. March 

There will be a protest through the streets of London on the 12th September, starting at 12pm at Marble Arch, and concluding at Downing Street. 

By Laura Jane Turner