Did You Spot This Awkward Moment On Britain’s Got Talent?

So Britain’s Got Talent was pretty eventful on Saturday night.

One of the biggest talking points of the show was Wayne Woodward, who wowed with a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight.

What made his powerful vocals all the more surprising was the fact that judge Alesha Dixon had earlier compared his speaking voice to Danny Dyer.

Wayne Woodward dad Britain's Got Talent


Wayne, 20, had replied by joking that Danny sounded like him, before telling the panel: ‘I wanna sing for the rest of my life and I don’t wanna do nothing else.’

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But it wasn’t just Wayne’s singing that was memorable.

Alesha Dixon was clearly impressed by Wayne Woodward


In a pretty awkward moment, his dad was filmed falling off his chair as he watched his son from the audience. Um, LOL.

Mr Woodward had stood up and punched the air when Wayne successfully hit a particularly tough note. But when he went to sit back down, he, er, missed the seat.

Wayne Woodward dad Britain's Got Talent Wayne Woodward’s dad punched the air…


Eagle-eyed viewers clearly found the incident hilarious, with the term ‘Wayne’s dad’ later trending on Twitter.

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And happily, the pair don’t seem at all embarrassed. Wayne tells the Daily Mirror: ‘Do you know what? We are both so clumsy. I thought it was really funny.

Wayne Woodward dad Britain's Got Talent …before falling off his seat. LOL


‘He’s a people person. He’s always making himself look silly to make people laugh. Some people actually think he did it on purpose, that he broke the chair deliberately. But he didn’t.

‘[The judges] had a little laugh about it. Amanda noticed as well. She turned around and was pointing!’

Wayne Woodward dad Britain's Got Talent What a trooper, eh?!


We really, really hope he’s back in the crowd for the next stage of auditions…