Wayne Bridge Talks About His And Frankie’s Sex Life… Again

The ex-footballer opens up about his and wife Frankie's, er, personal time...

It’s safe to say that Wayne Bridge isn’t shy when it comes to talking about his and wife Frankie’s, er, personal life.

The ex-footballer has opened up about the subject more than once since entering the I’m A Celebrity jungle last month. And this time, he’s really not holding back.

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Wayne Bridge married Frankie in 2014 and they have two sons together

Wayne Bridge married Frankie in 2014 and they have two sons together

In fact, Wayne, 36, has reportedly said that he’d like to do the deed ‘every day’. Crikey.

He tells The Sun: ‘I work hard for that every time we have it. I’m the instigator because I want it every day. But it’s hard when you’ve got young kids.’

It was only a week ago that Frankie, 27 – who has sons Parker and Carter with Wayne – was left red-faced after another of Wayne’s sexy admissions.

Wayne Bridge

Wayne Bridge also spoke about his sex life while in the I’m A Celebrity jungle

He and his fellow campers were chatting about a Dingo Dollar challenge, which saw them guess which percentage of couples said they had better sex after having children.

Wayne was shocked when it was revealed that the majority had said their intimate lives had improved post-kids, exclaiming: ‘I think they’re having us on! How can it be better?

‘It’s either the same or less. I’m not having it at all. Why would it get better?’

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Frankie and Wayne Bridge

In a rant to the camera, he continued: ‘I think it’s always been up there with me and Frank. You’re together for years so you obviously try everything out before you’ve had babies, surely.’

But he then seemed to remember that he was on national TV, adding: ‘I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation because her mum and dad are going to be watching.’

Eep. Frankie – who has sons Parker and Carter with Wayne – was clearly mortified, Tweeting: ‘Ohhhhhhh @WayneBridge just stop talking…. I’m begging you!!!! 🙊🙊😂😂😂 #ImACeleb #teamwayne #sorrymum&dad.’

LOLz. Oh, Wayne…