Wayne Bridge Just Made A Very Awkward Confession About The Saturdays

The ex-footballer admitted that he's NEVER listened to his wife Frankie's band on last night's I'm A Celebrity...

We’re not sure how Frankie Bridge will feel about hubby Wayne’s latest antics in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

The ex-footballer, 36, made a pretty awkward gaffe during a quiz on last night’s show, admitting that he’s never listened to her band The Saturdays. Eeeek.

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Wayne Bridge

Wayne Bridge made a shock claim yesterday…

This revelation came about during the letters challenge, which saw the campers answer a series of questions about themselves and their families in order to win messages from home.

Should be pretty easy, right? But Wayne fell apart when he was asked what The Saturdays debut album was called.

He shouted: ‘F*** knows what an album’s called. I never f***ing listened to them!’

Wayne Bridge is pretty clueless about Frankie Bridge's time in The Saturdays

Wayne Bridge is pretty clueless about Frankie Bridge’s time in The Saturdays

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Pretty awkward. Frankie is yet to comment on his faux pas, but if it were up to us, we’d be making good use of that long plane ride back from Australia.

We wonder how many times you can listen to a record in 23 hours…

And viewers agree, with Tweets including: ‘When Wayne said he don’t know what the Saturdays album is cause he never listened to it erm I think you should start my dear X #imacelebrity,’ and: ‘The Saturdays first album was Chasing Lights. C’mon, Wayne #ImACeleb [sic].’

Despite her husband’s confession, Frankie, 27 – who has sons Parker and Carter with Wayne – is still giving him lots of support.

She recently jetted to Oz to greet him when he leaves the jungle, Tweeting last night: ‘Kind of bitter sweet that @WayneBridge is staying in now that I’m here! #ImACeleb #TeamWayne.’

Aw. Nobody’s perfect, eh?