Watch: Why you should travel with your sibling

A sibling can make the best travel buddy you’ll ever have, or – as these two learned – the most annoying. While on a long road trip, this brother “entertained” his sister by lipsyncing to SEVEN HOURS straight of his favourite 90s songs! We’re sure she forgives him…

Here’s why travelling with a brother or sister is actually the best.

1. You can be yourself

“You can be the most authentic version of yourself – you don’t have to pretend you like things when you don’t, you can be cranky/mean when you’re tired and it’s forgiven in five minutes” – Mike Barrington, Bournemouth

2. You know what to expect

“You already know what’s it’s like to be around them 24/7 so you can prepare yourself, if need be. No surprises” – Sharona Samuels, London

3. Inside jokes

“We have been in some proper dodge situations, like this one time when my dad left us in the middle of Santiago with a giant Swatch watch clock for three hours as he left our passports on a bus. And now everytime I say ‘Swatch’ she gives me the look” – Miranda Larbi, London

4. Even though you fight, you always make up

“Although we fight constantly, I know she’s the best travelling companion because we have so much fun” – Kayla Peterson, Dundee, Scotland

5. That bond

“No one understands your sense of humour, mood swings, and weird cravings for gummy bears at 2am better than your sister” – Danielle King, London

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