Image via Infographic designer: Clara Prieto

WATCH: What If John Lennon Auditioned For The Voice?

It was a travesty for many when Leah McFall lost out to Andrea Begley in The Voice final.

So imagine (yes, really Imagine) if another contestant had been pipped to the post, namely John Lennon.

OK, so we know the clip below is for the US version of the talent show and technically he wouldn’t have been competing against Leah. But we love this craftily created edit that makes it look like the US mentors – Usher, Shakira, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – are critiquing John Lennon’s performance of Imagine.

“It was a little bit subdued,” says Adam Levine after the song, before adding: “You’re a talented dude, for sure.” Then fellow mentor Shakira points out that his choice of key is wrong and Usher says poignantly: “This is not the end.”

But it’s the viewer comments about the YouTube clip that make the edit even more entertaining, because a handful have taken the joke blind audition a little too seriously.

One girl wrote: “To see this bunch of invalids even critiquing John Lennon is laughable. Shows what the world has come to.” Another commented: “John Lennon’s clone.” Excuse us while we chuckle a while…

Watch the video for yourself below!

By Gemma Calvert

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