WATCH: Kanye West Looking Ripped In ‘Black Skinhead’ Video

Kanye West has just unveiled his official video for new single Black Skinhead, the first track off the rapper’s No.1 Yeezus album, and it looks like Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy has been working out!

The slick and brooding black and white video, which was posted on the 36-year-old’s official website before being removed shortly after, shows a ripped-looking Kanye in CGI form dancing aggressively to his moody new tune, with hoards of vicious barking dogs and spiky man creatures upping the creepy scare factor.

We have to admit – we didn’t expect the new dad, who welcomed baby North West into the world with girlfriend Kim last month, to look quite so beefy underneath those clothes. Clever CGI trickery or a real life relflection? Only Kim knows…

Check out Kanye’s semi-animated creation here.

We’re off to cuddle a kitten.

Black Skinhead is available to download now.

By Robyn Munson

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