David shows off his torso tatts as he goes shirtless in the new video

WATCH: David Beckham Strips Off In New Fragrance Ad

David Beckham is about to make you reach for that aircon adjuster, as the ex-footballing hunk of a man has been stripping off and flashing his pecs in a new video to promote his latest aftershave, David Beckham Classic.

In the sexy black-and-white video, 38-year-old Becks treats us to a good ol’ ogle at his man muscles as he removes his t-shirt and stands in front of a mirror checking himself out in a dark and dingy dressing room before being attended to by a tailor who stamps all over our naked Becks fantasies by helping him into a shirt.

When asked if he needs further assistance, a now suited and booted David replies: “I have all I need”, before giving himself a quick squirt of his new fragrance and heading out into the world (sadly, not into our beds).

Shot on location at Spencer Hart on Brook Street in London, the 40 second advert was unveiled last night on the dad-of-four’s Facebook page. “Here is my new COTY campaign, we had fun shooting it! Hope you all like it”, Becks, who is set to star in a new kids’ TV show on Sky Sports this summer, wrote.

We certainly did, Dave. Watch and enjoy below, ladies…

By Robyn Munson

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