Comedian Vikki Stone sings about our secret crushes

WATCH: Comedian Vikki Stone Sings About Our Secret Crushes

You fancy Phillip Schofield and Boris Johnson! That’s according to a survey done by Cadbury’s Crispello on the nation’s weirdest celebrity crushes (because why wouldn’t you?).

Schofy, the This Morning presenter was the obvious winner, closely followed by Britain’s Got Talent judge, David Walliams and – upsettingly – London Mayor Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson. We know there’s a recession on, but times aren’t that hard, are they? The best bit is there’s a video by comedian Vikki Stone making us feel throughly ashamed about this poll – watch it below.

We caught up with Vikki (who’s headlined Edinburgh Festival and is on a sell-out UK tour RIGHT NOW), this week for a quickfire interview. Because that’s how we roll, we hang out with celebrities and they just tell us stuff, it’s great.

LOOK: Worst ever gig?

Vikki: Edinburgh two years ago where a man stood on a table and took his clothes off whilst I was singing – which doesn’t sound that bad, until he was sick on himself.

LOOK: Have you ever read your own Wikipedia page?

Vikki: Yes

LOOK: What’s your middle name?

Vikki: Anne

LOOK: What annoys you?

Vikki: Traffic. Get off the road! Haven’t you got other things to do than loiter on motorways?

LOOK: Do you think of yourself as a grown up?

Vikki: No.

LOOK: Who was your best friend when you were six – and are you still friends?

Vikki: Laura Hobley.  I saw her last year, she’s now a major science geek.

LOOK: What one song has got you over heartbreak?

Vikki: Boyz II Men, The End Of The Road

LOOK: Who’s your favourite person in the world?

Vikki: My dog, Bert.

LOOK: When was the last time you cried?

Vikki: Yesterday, at a Facebook meme about dogs.

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By Lucy Vine, 14th May 2013

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