A scene from cult 90s movie Clueless

Watch Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen’s LOL Clueless Audition

We’re getting a bit addicted to W Magazine’s Casting Call video series. In fact, between that and Carpool Karaoke we’re not sure how we actually manage to get any work done this year. This week, W has enlisted Bradley Cooper, Seth Rogen, Paul Dano, and Jake Gyllenhaal to deliver Cher Horowitz’s iconic debate class monologue for an audition tape. You know, the one where she compared the plight of Haitian refugees to too many people turning up to her father’s garden party. To be fair, Cher put forward a very convincing – if simplistic case – and just when we thought no-one could do it better, along came Bradley, Seth and co.

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Clearly a world away from his usual roles, Jake Gyllenhaal opens the video with, “I’d like to preface this by saying what was unfortunate about reading through this for the first time — and I just also would like to say I just got this — was that I realized that I talk like this, which is a bummer.” Erm, have you seen Clueless Jake? Cher and the gang’s vocab is what, like, totally made the movie the classic it is today.


Seth Rogen is way more of a natural, and we can’t stop LOL’ing at the bit where he nails,  “I was like, totally buggin. I had to haul ass to the kitchen.”

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Bradley delivers his lines with a rather more serious approach, while Paul Dano just looks slightly bemused by the whole thing.

Needless to say, we think Seth blows his Hollywood opposition out of the water – any directors out there should definitely consider him for the lead role in a remake – but who’s your fave?