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Watch: Beyoncé’s Teaser For ‘Lemonade’

Stay calm everyone – Beyoncé has just released a trailer for her new HBO project which premieres next weekend, but that’s no reason to completely lose it, ok?

On April 23rd at 9pm on US channel HBO, we’re going to find out exactly what Bey’s been planning since she switched the game up (yet again) back in February with the surprise release of Formation.

And how do we know this? Well she’s dropped a short trailer video for her new project, Lemonade on YouTube – and no, we don’t think it’s anything to do with her (in)famous lemon juice cleanse circa 2008…

This looks like it’s going to be something pretty big.

The video sees Queen B rocking cornrows and a fur coat at the start of the vid as she whispers: ‘the past and the present merge…to meet us here.’ Beyonce Lemonade vid

Bey’s concentrating hard on something…

Will she be calling upon her ex band-mates for some sort of mega-reunion in this project? Will she be dropping a new album featuring some of the biggest names in pop? We can only hope…

Then, it cuts to shots of Bey in a dark room, a quiet field, and even features a scene with her smashing up a video camera in front of a fiery backdrop.

Rocking a fur coat and cornrows, Bey’s got us mega-excited…

All of the stunning visuals are set to a low and moody soundtrack, which will totally give you Haunted vibes from her last album, if you’re a long-term fan of Bey (who isn’t?!).

And as eagle-eyed members of the bey-hive have pointed out, Beyoncé has actually been posing with lemons for several months – just check the Instagram shot below from September 2015.

*Cue conspiracy theories.*

30 weeks ago, Bey captioned this: ‘When life gives you lemons’

Ooh. We’ll wait in suspense..

By Georgina Lawton