Want To Get Kate Hudson’s Body In Just 20 Minutes A Day?

We caught up with Kate’s personal trainer Nicole Stuart to find out how the actress gets her toned and taught body ahead of the summer months.

“Kate’s been working out regularly for her entire adult life and has been training with me for around 15 years,” Nicole tells us. “She makes it a priority to take at leats 20 minutes out of her day to work up a sweat, no matter how busy she is. She’s very active anyway and loves things like dancing, yoga, boxing, hiking and playing tennis. But if she’s not doing that, she’s running around after her kid, so there’s not a day that goes by where Kate does nothing at all.”

> Nicole Stuart has been working as Kate Hudson’s personal trainer for 15 years


“It’s not that she loves working out,” Nicole adds. “It’s a part of her daily routine, like brushing her teeth, and she’s got over that hurdle of not being able to make herself do it. She does joke that she “hates” pilates and working on her lower stomach, but she also jokes that she “loves” it because it’s the only thing that really works”

Kate’s Typical 20 Min Workout

1) Run on a treadmill for four minutes, skip for three minutes, and then hit the bike for five minutes.

> Exercise 2 is a variation on the traditional stomach crunch. Flat tummies ahoy!

2) Lie on the ground with your knees bent. Do a stomach crunch, then try to bring your right knee up and across to meet your left elbow. Do 15-30 reps, then repeat on the other side.

> Want the kind of bum you can prop a glass of water on, a la Kim K? This’ll do it

3) Kneel on all fours, keeping your back straight. Pull your left knee into your tummy, then extend outwards in a kicking-back motion. Do 15 reps, then repeat on the other side.

> Nicole may or may not have used your primary school assembly as her inspiration

4) Sit cross legged and hold your arms out to each side with your elbows parallel to your shoilders and your fists up in the air, like you’re lifting an imaginary barbell. Straighten both arms up into the air and lower back down again. Repeat (wait for it) 120 times.

For more details, check out Nicole’s website – or you can download the pilates app that Nicole has created (and that Kate Hudson uses) from iTunes here, too.