You Can Now Stream Films On The Train (And It’s Free)

By far the best thing about travelling by plane is the in-board movies. Is there anything more blissful than sitting back with a G&T in hand and scrolling through a selection of the best new releases?

Well, you will be soon be able to enjoy a similar experience when travelling by train.

Virgin Trains have launched an on-demand app named Beam that will allow you to stream films and TV programmes via your tablet or mobile while on the move. Pretty clever, eh?

If you book to travel via Virgin Trains you will have access to around 200 hours of free content (yes, free). Choose from the extensive list of films – including The Wolf of Wall Street, Bridesmaids and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – as well as TV shows such as House of Cards, and a number of top games and magazines. Your train journey will really fly by.

Worried about your data? Well, fear not, Virgin’s on-board server will be taking the hit meaning you don’t have to fret about wasting your 4G, or your film being interrupted by any pesky tunnels.

This is the first time technology of this type has been used on the UK railways. However, a number of airlines have introduced similar systems recently as many passengers have better screens on their own devices than the traditional seat-back televisions, which add extra weight to aircraft.

Whatever next? Entertainment on the tube and bus, too? We’ve got everything crossed.