Viewers Think There Was Something Odd About Jamie O’Hara’s CBB Eviction

The footballer was rushed out of the back door during last night's show. But social media was talking about one thing in particular...

Jamie O’Hara has become the latest housemate to have left the Celebrity Big Brother house in a shock eviction.

The 30-year-old was shown the back door as he left the Channel 5 reality gameshow in handcuffs, as part of the weekend’s courtroom task.

And, of course, this seems to have put a (temporary?) end to his apparent romance with Bianca Gascoigne.

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Bianca Jamie

Housemates were left in shock at the surprise exit, despite the fact that this tactic has been a running theme in the series.

Bianca, who’s grown close to the footballer during her time in the house, appeared to be in denial.

‘He can’t have gone, he’s obviously just in another room,’ the 30-year-old told close friend Nicola McLean.

She later added: ‘F***ing hell I can’t even cope with this s***. I don’t feel like it’s real.

‘I can’t accept it.’

Bianca CBB

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In true Big Brother style, B was then given the task of packing up Jamie’s suitcase. Little harsh, no?

Social media seemed a little confused by her reaction, with many calling her out for not being more upset.

One tweet read: ‘Bianca in love with Jamie? Oh please! She didn’t even cry when she found out he was evicted. SHOWMANCE #cbb’.

Another wrote: ‘#CBB Bianca took a quick pause to mourn Jamie leaving the house. Then on she went 😂 That didn’t take long’.

Other reactions included: ‘I wondered why Bianca wasn’t crying her eyes out at Jamie’s eviction either. #cbb’ and ‘Well Bianca doesn’t seem too upset considering Jamie has been evicted🤔 #showmance #CBB’.


We all deal with our emotions differently, guys.

Jamie has now made his return to social media. And he’s made his feelings about his eviction very clear, tweeting: ‘I’m out through the back door, liberty thanks everyone for supporting me met some amazing people in there. Now Ive got to break out of jail’ [sic].

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.