Viewers Had A Very Strong Reaction To New Documentary ‘Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine’

Gordon's new documentary was definitely worth a watch...

ITV viewers watched last night as chef Gordon Ramsay explored the world of cocaine and how the spreading issue – now being described as an actual ‘epidemic’ – needs to be controlled.

The documentary – which has aired the first of two episodes – sees Gordon uncover the immensity of cocaine use in the UK, help the police charge two drug-drivers (who shockingly were both doing the school run with small children) and even travel to the hidden depths of Columbia and find out how the drug is made.

Spoiler: It contains cement, sulphuric acid, gasoline and battery acid. Yep, TOTALLY gross.

But there was one thing that had viewers very confused as the episode progressed… The title.

And we can kind of see where they’re coming from… the phrase Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine could be pretty misleading, TBH.

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‘Anyone else think that #GordonOnCocaine was incredibly misleading and disappointing????’ one asked before adding: ‘I was expecting to see him mental in a kitchen’

Another agreed, tweeting: ‘I have a feeling many people are disappointed that Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine isn’t actually a program of him on cocaine. #GordonOnCocaine’

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Others were simply shocked at the disgusting truths that the chef revealed on the show: ‘Sulfuric acid, cement, gasoline and BATTERY ACID??? Up ur nose and into ur body no thnx #GordonOnCocaine [sic]’ one shared, and another similarly wrote: ‘Battery acid, gasoline, cement and sulphuric acid. Why the HELL would you even consider it???? #GordonOnCocaine’

But many viewers took to social media to praise Gordon Ramsay for bringing attention to the growing issue.

‘So much admiration for @GordonRamsay and what he’s done to go into depth with cocaine #gordonramseyoncocaine,’ one praised the chef, while another posted: ‘Shocked by what I saw tonight. @GordonRamsay you nailed it #GordonOnCocaine’

The second episode of Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine airs Thursday 26 October.