Viewers Call For Stephen Bear To Be Removed After His Outburst On CBB

Social media was *not* impressed with Bear's meltdown in the CBB house...

Stephen Bear has become the second housemate to be issued with a formal warning in the Celebrity Big Brother house. But this time, it was for a lot more than just a distasteful prank (we’re looking at you, Aubrey).

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After apparently deciding that he fancies Chloe Khan, the pair shared quite a few steamy snogs in the garden.

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Heavy D witnessed it, and he was not happy. Why? Well, despite the fact that she’s shut down his advances, he appears to think he has some kind of claim on the former X Factor contestant (which has been branded both ‘sexist’ and ‘creepy’ by viewers at home).

Anyway, it all got a little heated between them, resulting in Bear having a bit of an, erm, meltdown.

Big Brother called Heavy D into the diary room to ‘calm down’, and in the meantime Bear decided to throw something at a mirror, causing it to crack. Errrr.

Bear was then called to the diary room, and told that his behaviour was ‘unacceptable’ and that he would need to spend the night away from the other housemates.

Stephen Bear girlfriend

This didn’t go down too well with him, and Bear tried to rip the locked door open, only to be met by a security guard.

It doesn’t matter how upset or angry you are, or whether you happen to be in the right or in the wrong, there’s never an excuse for ‘aggressive’ behaviour.

Viewers were angered by the episode, and many called for him to be removed from the house immediately.


We’ll be tuning in tonight to see what Celebrity Big Brother will do…