Victoria’s Secret Has Been Called Out For Photoshopping

Victoria’s Secret has been at the centre of widespread internet anger today, after one of their model shots went viral. 

The shot in question is under heavy speculation and scrutiny for being quite badly photoshopped, showing a brunette modelling some (rather pretty, we have to point out) lacey green Cheekies, which are a pair of VS signature knickers that combine bikini bottoms with a thong design.

The unidenitified brunette model is posing with her back towards the camera, her curls tumbling down her bare back, wearing nothing but the knickers and some black stockings. 

The problem?


Facebook commenters were quick to jump on the fact that one of the model’s cheeks appears to be noticeably smaller than the other, with many arguing that half of her bottom is missing. 

The post was published to the brand’s own Facebook page, with the caption: ‘Truly. Madly. Cheeky.’

One user hit back ‘”Truly. Madly. Cheeky.” *Removes cheeks*’, a comment that has received almost 500 likes on its own, with another asking the question ‘Ummmmmmmm…..where’s the cheeky part?’

Amongst the comments was a girl who believes that everyone should be a little more body-positive: ‘I’d prefer to keep my butt the way it is and not turn it into this truly madly cheeky nightmare.’

Another user even tried their hand at ‘fixing’ the apparent retouching fail. 

So, is this a major photoshop blunder, or an unfortunate shade of the lighting? 

Either way, the internet is not happy. 

By Laura Jane Turner