Victoria Beckham Reveals Her Fitness And Skin Secrets

The busy working mum finds time for herself. And we love it....

Victoria Beckham is clearly a lady who likes to take care of herself – just look at her figure and her flawless skin…

But it seems all that preening comes at a price and a pretty hefty one at that, as it’s been reported that Posh Spice spends over £50,000 a year on staying in shape.


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The star recently revealed that she uses exclusive personal trainers to keep her trim figure, explaining: “I work out for about two hours every day and have two Tracey Anderson trainers, too.”

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She continued to ES magazine, 

“It’s normally cardio – so I’d start with an uphill walk while I’m reading my Kindle and then do arms and legs with my trainer.”

The busy mum of four is clearly in good company as fitness guru to the stars, Tracey is famous for her dance workouts which have been used by stars such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and J-Lo.

But if you wanted to get biceps like Posh it doesn’t come cheap and according to The Sun, Tracey Anderson trainers would put you back a whopping £150 per hour, which could mean that the star spends at least £4,200 every month on training. Woah.

And her figure isn’t the only thing Victoria is spending her hard-earned cash on as she also revealed it costs her £493 per session on facials to keep her skin looking flawless and another £130 for personalised Bulgari Spa massages.

The pop-star turned fashion designer previously told The Edit magazine that she loves sharing her beauty secrets with women just like her, admitting: “There are two types of women out there. There’s the kind who finds something nice and likes to keep it to herself and then there’s the other type, which is me, who wants to share.”

While we’re not so sure about spending 50k a year on training sessions and facials, it’s clearly working for you, Vic!

By Naomi Bartram