Someone’s Been Mean About Victoria Beckham’s Teeth…

Crikey. Katie Price definitely won’t be mellowing anytime soon, will she?

We all know that the 38-year-old never minces her words – and she continued to prove just that with a jibe at Victoria Beckham yesterday.

This all happened on Loose Women, where Katie and her fellow panellists were discussing the power of smiling.

> Katie Price and Gloria Hunniford were discussing Victoria Beckham’s smile


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Gloria Hunniford had said she doesn’t like the way Victoria, 42, fails to smile when she’s photographed, telling the audience: ‘It drives me nuts the way that Posh doesn’t smile.’

This led Katie to respond: ‘That’s because she has horrible teeth. I’m sorry but she does.’ Um, OUCH.

> Victoria Beckham is known for her neutral expression


Victoria has previously explained why she tends to keep a neutral expression, saying last year: ‘I’m smiling on the inside, but i feel like I have a responsibility to the fashion community.’

And she’s not the only one who prefers to be sans-smile. Katie herself has admitted that she used to feel self conscious about her grin.

> Victoria Beckham’s teeth look pretty good to us?!


She revealed on the programme: ‘I hate smiling. When I was younger, I broke my teeth on my brother’s skateboard. I like them now but that’s because I paid enough for them.

‘Anyway, when you’re a glamour model, you don’t really smile anyway, you just pout.’

> Katie Price showcased her famous pout on the show


It’s well known that Katie and Victoria’s feud goes back a long way.

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Remember when Posh duetted with Katie’s ex Dane Bowers on 2000 track Out Of Your Mind? Yep, it’s hard to believe, but it really did happen.

> Victoria Beckham collaborated with Dane Bowers back in 2000


Well, Katie’s previously admitted that the pair’s bond made her jealous, leading her to take drastic measures to get Dane’s attention.

She did seem to be over the whole thing by 2014, remarking: ‘You can’t knock [Victoria] and if you do you’re jealous.’

So let’s hope this comment was just a slip-up, eh?