Victoria Beckham Takes Brooklyn As Date To ‘Women Of The Year’ Awards

Victoria Beckham substituted one hunky man in her life for another last night as she picked son Brooklyn over husband David Beckham as her date to the Women of the Year awards.

The former Spice Girl was the toast of the star-studded event, which took place in London’s Berkeley Square, scooping the prestigious ‘Woman of the Decade’ gong. Wearing a gorgeous plunging black Margiela jumpsuit, Victoria couldn’t hide her pride as she was escorted down the red carpet by her dapper 14-year-old son. Doesn’t he scrub up well?! 

She even went on to thank her eldest son in her acceptance speech, saying: “Thank you to Brooklyn, my date tonight and the most handsome man in the room, even though he’s avoiding his homework.” Amazing. It’s nice to know even celebrity kids can still be embarassed by their mums…

Victoria’s mum Jackie also turned up to support the pop-star-turned-international-fashion-designer, who also spoke on the night about female solidarity.

“There aren’t enough women out there who support other women”, the mum of four said. “That’s what we should do, support each other.” Go VB!

Hubby David may not have been at the awards, but that didn’t stop him from gushing about his award-winning wife’s amazing looks before she took centre stage. 

Talking of when they first met a whopping 16 years ago, the footballer said: “I was playing with Manchester United against Chelsea in London, and she came down with my manager. I was very shy so I introduced myself and left.

“I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t talk to her a bit more, but then the next week she came back for another game, then it was my chance and I got her number. Victoria’s still just as beautiful today, I’m not sure that’s the case with me!” Oh, we beg to differ, Becks.

Other beauties picking up awards on the night included Rita Ora, 22, who was presented with the solo artist prize from her ‘wifey’ Cara Delevingne, and Jessie J, who landed the Editor’s Award. 

Who would have got your ‘Woman of the Decade’ award? Let us know below!

By Robyn Munson

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