Victoria Beckham Unveils A New Side Of Herself

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good Victoria Beckham is looking right now?

Mrs Beckham took to the red carpet for the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival, and she looked every bit like the star that she is.

Victoria has made the incredible journey from pop star to respected fashion designer, and it definitely shows in her image.


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Amid reports that she’s been having laser removal surgery, there wasn’t really any denying that both the tattoo on her wrist (husband David’s initials) and the Hebrew tattoo on the back of her neck were looking faded on the carpet in Cannes.



Is this all part of her style overhaul to reflect her venture into fashion? 

Victoria treated fans to a candid glimpse into her glamorous trip, sharing candid instagram pictures and videos showcasing her playful side.

Yes, VB definitely has a fun side.

Victoria, like the rest of us, seems to love dabbling with Snapchat’s filters. One shows her teaming with friends Eva Longoria and hairdresser Ken Paves, using the bunny filter for a video.



Another post showed her and Eva doing high kicks on the sofa. She famously shared a similar photo in March, crediting ballet classes with keeping her fit and flexible.


Ok, maybe it’s time for us to dust off our ballet shoes… 

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Perhaps these ballet classes will come in handy for Victoria as former bandmate Mel B has been teasing a reunion between the Spice Girls for their twentieth anniversary.

Yup, we know, we’ve heard it before. But Mel posted a picture of her with Emma and Geri – which then prompted MORE rumours of a reunion.


PLEASE can this just happen? We don’t think our hearts can take much more… 


By Megan Wiseman