Is Victoria Beckham Throwing Shade At Fellow Spice Girls? THIS Picture Would Suggest So

Instagrammers have slammed Victoria Beckham for this snap, but is it really a dig at the Spice Girls?

Fans of Victoria Beckham’s Instagram were quick to retaliate yesterday after the star posted a snap that appeared to throw shade at her Spice Girl bandmates.

The picture in question depicts the former pop star apparently flipping the V sign, and (tellingly) the caption reads

‘2 become 1 X Kisses VB #girlpower’

2 become 1 X Kisses VB #girlpower

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Hmm. Is this a subtle dig at gal pals Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner? Fans of the group say yes, it absolutely is. It’s common knowledge that Victoria’s decision (along with Sporty Spice Mel C), to decline reuniting with the remaining Spice Girls in celebration of the group’s 20th anniversary wasn’t received well by the fanbase, and Instagrammers regard this recent pic (and offensive gesture) as a very deliberate dig. One fan wrote:

‘Clearly a dig at her opposing that the spice girls perform their old hits at an aleadged (sic) reunion which VB will not be attending. Childish.’

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Other comments included the following:

‘Anyone else think this is a bit shady?’

‘2 become 1 is a spice girl title.. I knew that you dont want to be linked with them, you DO NOT accept to take photos or anything related to the spice girls, so why do you write 2 become 1?’

When 5 becomes 3

The 42-year-old fashion designer’s reluctance to be included in the alleged Spice Girls reunion may or may not have forced the remaining three girls to rebrand as GEM – an acronym of their first names.

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However, there are some fans that think this pic might be a sign VB is having second thoughts about the anniversary. Positive comments included the following:

‘We hope a #spicegirls reference. Dont forget your past. We love you like Posh.’

Can it be true? Would Posh reconsider rejoining the Spice Girls?! If, like us, you are a dedicated Spice Girls fan, this could probably be THE most exciting news you’ll hear all week.

Shady snap, or teased return? We sincerely hope it’s the latter…