Victoria Beckham’s Lunch Plate Causes Chaos On Instagram

Victoria Beckham has caused chaos after sharing an innocent snap of her lunch plate on Instagram.

The 42-year-old was preparing for yet another glamorous shoot when she decided to share a photo of her midday feed with her fans.

Dressed in a white robe, hotel slippers and with her hair half in rollers as she sat at the table, VB wrote: ‘Lunch time! Eggs on toast and avocado Exciting shoot today with @ellenvonunwerth Kisses from London! X VB #lovingmydressinggown’.

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On Victoria’s plate, an avocado and a lemon were in plain site, but something was bothering beady-eyed fans about the image…

‘Can only see a wedge of lemon & avocado there V. Please give some thought to what you’re putting out there. Your PR team should be more mindful of the message this sends to wannabees’, wrote one concerned observer.

‘The toast is on the other side of the room’, slammed another.



However, many others were quick to defend the former Spice Girl’s eating habits.

‘I’m sure she eats a little more than this in normal days… It’s her shooting day so she can’t have tummy full of food,’ offered one person.

‘Maybe she ate the toast before she put the picture up’, reasoned another. 

We think VB should be left alone to eat whatever she wants – avocado on toast, avocado sans toast – as long as she’s staying healthy, whose business is it but hers, eh?