Lena Dunham talked Girls cameos at the season three premiere in London last night

Victoria Beckham & Jamie Dornan On Girls? Lena Dunham Talks Cameos

Girls fan? Of course you are. Which means that, just like us, you’re no doubt eagerly anticipating the start of series three on 20th January. But impatient folk that we are, we couldn’t wait and got ourselves a sneaky look at the first two episodes. And they are [spoiler alert] BRILLIANT. 
Hannah and Adam are still weirdly adorable, Marnie’s a heartbroken wreck, and Jessa’s doing a 60 day stint in rehab for her various ‘issues’.

They’ve also recruited Brit actor Richard E. Grant to appear in four episodes as Jessa’s co-rehabber. We asked star, creator and writer Lena Dunham if she had any other celeb cameos planned, and whether there was any truth to the recent rumour that our very own Victoria Beckham might be making an appearance on the show.

She told us: ‘I’m not saying she’s not, but it wasn’t me who came up with the idea – it’s an arranged marriage. We would be very excited to welcome Victoria Beckham on set.’

Lena added that her co-star Allison Williams (who plays Marnie) is desperate to get The Fall actor Jamie Dornan – who, as we all know, was recently cast as Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey – on the show as her love interest. Lena told us: ‘Allison wants Jamie. But she requested him post the casting of Fifty Shades, so…” Allison added: ‘I love Jamie. He feels right, he’d fit right in.’
Maybe Victoria Beckham could play Jamie’s love interest? You can take that idea for free, Lena.

By Elizabeth Ryan

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