Victoria Beckham: “I’m More Normal Than People Think!”

We know what we’d be doing during a quiet night in with David Beckham and it doesn’t involve plucking our eye brows.

But for Victoria Beckham, when kids Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, eight, and Harper, two, are in bed, only three things top her list of favourite things to do – and brow maintenance is one of them.

“Honestly, once the children are in bed I’d rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows,” admitted the mum-of-four in a new interview. “By the time Brooklyn’s finally gone to bed, it’s all I’m fit for. Really, we’re much more normal than people think.”

Fair dos. Victoria and David, 38, have been married for 14 years and maybe in her interview with Australian Vogue the former Spice Girl didn’t fancy sharing details of, er, spicier ways to spend an evening.

But the fashion designer did concede that now her famous footballer hubby has retired she can’t wait to spend more time with him. “We’re all so proud of David,” said Victoria, 39, who appeared on the cover for the magazine’s September issue. “Having supported him at clubs all over the world for the past 15 years and seen how he has been an inspiration not just to me and the children but also to millions of people, we are now just really excited at the prospect of spending more time as a family.”

Victoria might be keen for her and the Beckham clan to be perceived as ‘normal’ but gossip from Vogue Australia’s editor tells a different story. Edwina McCann revealed the star almost pulled out of the shoot because she had to be at Brooklyn’s parent-teacher meeting by 5pm, so her team found a solution of getting her to the school – by helicopter.

Hey, that’s how we travel to work most days!

By Gemma Calvert

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