Why Victoria Beckham Will Never Get Her Hair Wet

Victoria Beckham is definitely a woman who likes to keep herself looking well-groomed. But BFF Tana Ramsay has dished the dirt on just how particular the designer is about her appearance…

In a candid new interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Gordon Ramsay’s wife has revealed VB’s beauty weakness – getting her hair wet.

The 42-year-old is a keen triathlon participant, but when she was asked about whether or not Victoria might ever join her, Tana’s answer was pretty hilarious. 

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tana ramsay Tana Ramsay has been opening up about her friendship with Victoria Beckham…


‘There’s no way I could do what she does, and though Victoria is really fit, I couldn’t get her to do a triathlon,’ Tana said.

‘Because she’d never want to do the swimming and get her hair wet all the time. She’d be the first to admit that.’

Looks like some serious care goes into keeping those beautiful brunette tresses in such pristine condition, then! Perhaps VB left it to David to teach the kids to swim? We can totally imagine her watching from the sidelines in a chic one-piece and shades…

victoria beckham instagram Tana says people often compare her and Victoria’s looks


Tana, who has known Victoria and David for years and says she considers them ‘family’, went on to explain why her and the former Spice Girl have such a strong bond.

’For the most part, we are friends because we have four kids the same age, really busy lives, and the best times we have are on family holidays when it’s nothing smart or fancy, just hanging around in shorts and T-shirts with the kids’, she said.

And when it comes to comments that they’re starting to look the same? Well, Ramsay (and Victoria) finds them endlessly amusing.

Tana with husband Gordon Ramsay Tana with husband Gordon Ramsay


‘We both laugh our heads off about it,’ Tana said. ‘I don’t actually think I look like her. Yes, my hair has gone straighter because those curls have dropped out, but it’s still wavy.

‘And she will say, “You’ve got to get these shoes, they are amazing.” And I’ll do what she says. ‘I take it as a huge compliment, but we’re very different.’

Naw. Sounds like VB is a pretty ace BFF to have.

victoria beckham leg There’s no denying VB always looks flawless