Victoria Beckham Gets Smiley In New Selfie

Victoria Beckham has waved goodbye to that signature stony pout and seems to have discovered her new favourite photo face as the former Spice Girl flashes her pearly whites in yet another smiling selfie!

Just last week, we saw the 39-year-old pop-star-turned-designer smiling widely as she posed for a snap in front of the Hollywood sign during her hiking trip in LA. And now, Posh has been getting her grin on once again in a sunny selfie shared on Twitter by her hairdresser BFF, Ken Paves.

“So glad to have you back! So much fun hiking and laughing in the LA sunshine with @VictoriaBeckham,” Ken tweeted. In the photo, a radiant VB seems to be loving life as she smiles widely from behind a pair of aviators. Victoria, David and kids BrooklynRomeo, Cruz and Harper may have now relocated back to the UK following David’s retirement, but it’s clear that LA life definitely suits her…

Hubby David Beckham also hinted that there might be more sunshine behind his wife’s scowl when he shared a photo of Victoria on Facebook earlier this summer. Posting a picture of his other half laughing into the camera, the hunky former footballer wrote: “See I told you she smiles.”

Could it be that the Posh pout may have been ditched forever?!

By Robyn Munson

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