The Weird Thing We’ve Never Noticed About Victoria Beckham’s Body

Fans have realised she's NEVER had her ears pierced - and they're pretty shocked...

It’s official! Victoria Beckham’s dropping her second make-up collection with Estée Lauder – but her news has kinda been overshadowed by, er, her own ears.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Posh’s lobes became a hot topic of conversation yesterday, after fans noticed that they aren’t pierced in the photo used for the #VBxEsteeLauder campaign.

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One confused follower wrote on Instagram: ‘Her ear is not pierced! 😲’, while another said: ‘Lovely.. you don’t have a pierce ear? Nice Photo [sic].’

Other comments included: ‘She doesn’t have her ears pierced but she’s gorgeous,’ and: ‘I’ve just noticed… no earrings?’

Considering there have been numerous shots of VB with diamond sparklers hanging from her earlobes in the past, this is all a bit strange.

Has she been lying to us all along? Are her ears really not pierced? It seems the answer to that question is… yes.

After doing the hard work for you and stalking back through Posh’s Instagram – you’re welcome – we’ve discovered that her lobes are bling-free in all but one of her uploads.

This leads us to believe that she’s a fan of the very-fashionable-in the-80s clip-on look.

Of course, clip-ons are great if you don’t want holes in your ears, but we understand why many people have been left perplexed by the sudden realisation.

Will we now see a rise in people removing their ear bling?

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However, it doesn’t seem as though Posh’s love of a nude ear runs in the family. Back in 2014, she and her husband David took their eldest son Brooklyn to Claire’s Accessories in Shepherd’s Bush to get diamond studs.

Meanwhile, Victoria is launching phase two of her make-up line with Estée Lauder on 17 February. Head to Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas and Fenwick Newcastle or to get your hands on the new products.