Victoria Beckham Buys Frothy Coffee Portait Of Herself From Latte Artist

Victoria Beckham‘s morning coffee run was brightened up by a dazzling piece of artistry after the leggy designer looked down into her cup to find a picture of herself drawn into her autumn warmer!

Swirled onto her frothy pick-me-up was a self-portrait created by New York latte artist Michael Breach, who’s helping to support cancer charity Macmillan‘s coffee morning fundraising campaign.

Excited by her drink-doodle, the 39-year-old took to Twitter to share his uncanny creation, saying: “Coffee???”. Yes we want coffee, VB! Especially if we can get a cool drawing of us on the top (or maybe Bradley Cooper, can we choose? We hope we can choose).

Judging by her hot-drink-run, it looks like the style maven’s gone straight back to work after her success at New York Fashion Week so we’re glad she’s taking at least a little break to recharge the batteries.

Don’t wear yourself out too much though VB, you’ve still got the Beckham brood to tend to when you get home!

By Claire Blackmore

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