Victoria Beckham, Are You Wearing Minnie Mouse Ears?

Victoria Beckham, yesterday spoke in public about her fashion empire and the pressures of being a working mum at a style festival in London. The pop star-turned-designer revealed to the audience of 2,500 that she battles with how she’s seen in the media. “I’m a nice person!” she laughed. “Everyone thinks I’m going to be such a cow. I get it! I think the same when I see the pictures!”

This worry must have been playing on the star’s mind throughout the day, because as if in a bid to convince us that she’s got a sense of humour, Victoria last night tweeted a photo of herself leaving the festival. But the beady-eyed among you will notice that Victoria had doctored the image, placing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on her head (a favourite of daughter, Harpers) and a copy of Vogue tucked into her arm.

We don’t think Victoria needs to try so hard – she may look glum in most photos, but we all remember her sense of humour from her Spice Girls days, right?


By Alison Perry, 29 April 2013

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