Vicky Pattison Doesn’t Want To Be Involved In *That* Loose Women Drama

The ex-Geordie Shore star has been forced to speak out about Love Islander Zara Holland's appearance on yesterday's show...

Sooo. Zara Holland’s slot on Loose Women yesterday was pretty dramatic.

In case you missed it, let us explain. The 20-year-old appeared on the show with Deone Robertson, who became Miss Great Britain when she was de-crowned during her stint on Love Island.

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Zara Holland on Loose Women

Zara went head-to-head with new Miss GB Deone

As you’ll probably remember, Zara lost her title after a night of romance with Alex Bowen, a move which many people (including the LOOK team) thought was sexist and outdated.

But it doesn’t seem as though the Loose Women agreed with us. When Zara said she thought Miss GB was a ‘modern pageant’, June Sarpong hit back: ‘There’s nothing modern about having sex on TV. I don’t agree with having sex on TV.’

Zara explained: ‘There was alcohol and it was in the moment. I am only 20 and I made a mistake. I am living with the consequences right now,’ before continuing:  ‘I am the hardest working Miss Great Britain they have ever had and there will ever be.’

Zara Holland and Alex Bowen

Zara got cosy with Alex in the Love Island hideaway

That last point was a little awkward, considering Deone, 28, was sat right next to her. But good on Zara for sticking up for herself.

However, Twitter was pretty divided on the issue. Messages in support of Zara read: ‘The Miss GB/Love Island sex incident has resurfaced, with poor Zara being criticised on Loose Women, and it’s completely ridiculous,’ and: ‘Felling sorry for @zaraholland11 on #LooseWomen, she’s a great person, great role model who’s had sex….get over it!! #MissGB [sic].’

Zara Holland on Loose Women

Things got *pretty* heated…

Harsher comments included: ‘Oh gosh Zara you’ve embarrassed yourself massively #LooseWomen,’ and: ‘Accept you made a mistake and move on. Spoilt little brat comes to mind!!!’

But there’s one person who ended up involved in the row who really didn’t deserve to.

Vicky Pattison is a Loose Women regular, although she wasn’t on the panel on yesterday’s programme.

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Despite this, she’s received Tweets calling her a ‘hypocrite’, due to the fact that she slept with ex-boyfriend Ricky Guarnaccio while the cameras were rolling on Geordie Shore.

Now she’s hit back, writing on her own account: ‘I’d just like to set the record straight on all the negative tweets I’m receiving about @zaraholland11 appearance on @loosewomen today…

Zara Holland on Loose Women

June Sarpong had some strong words for Zara Holland

‘.. I wasn’t on the panel & therefore didn’t get my say on the matter and as @loosewomen we don’t all have the same opinions #leavemeoutofit.’

Oosh. You tell ’em, lady.