Things Have Gone *Very* Wrong For Vicky Pattison And Alex Cannon

After confessing her love for Alex Cannon, things haven't worked out for Vicky Pattison.

The course of true love never did run smooth, right?

Throw a little thing called ‘Big Brother’ into the mix and heck, romance has never been quite so confusing!

We’re of course referring to Vicky Pattison, and her undying love for Big Brother star and long term BFF Alex Cannon. Because undying love is just that- undying. Right?

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Wrong. It seems Vicky has *actually* changed her mind about the whole soulmates ‘thing’.


Where would I be without this one, her support has been on another level. You're different gravy Pattz, thank you for everything x

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During his time inside the Big Brother house, Vicky had been pretty open to the fact she thought she was in love with Alex.

In fact, the 28-year-old had even gone as far to label the Judge Geordie co-star her ‘soul mate’, having confessed, ‘I’m so in love with him, man. I don’t know, I can’t work it out… we said we’d marry each other when we’re 30 and we definitely will at some point, but I’m so confused by my feelings for him’.

Always my #MCM… Unbelievable lad and the best friend anyone could ask for… @alexcannon247 ??????

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Whats that we hear? Wedding bells?! Er, not *quite* just yet….

So yesterday the pair made a *super* awkward Loose Women appearance, in which Alex was shown the video of Vicky confessing her love for him.

In reaction to this, a pretty bashful Vicky told Alex: ‘I don’t know how you feel. Maybe I should talk to you about this. I think I care more about you than I have about anyone before’.

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Despite things looking promising (albeit a little awkward), however, Alex was later spotted kissing fellow BB star Evelyn Ellis.

But no broken hearts here, as Vicky has seemingly done a 360 on her feelings- having now shared on the Radio One Breakfast Show that she doesn’t actually love him after all.

Speaking on the show this morning, the former Geordie Shore star explains- ‘Turns out I don’t really love him. He’s so amazing, he’s so brilliant… I think we’ve friend-zoned each other, it’s mutual’.

Vicky adds ‘maybe he is my soulmate, the guy I turn to for everything, just not romantically linked’.

Again, the course of true love never did run smooth.

Alice Perry