Meet The New Crime Series That’s About To Go Viral

If you were obsessed with Making A Murderer and Serial, you'll want to know about this...

Damien Nettles disappeared on the Isle of Wight in November 1996.

BBC reporters Bronagh Munro and Alys Harte have been reinvestigating his disappearance, in a bid to untangle the web of speculation and mystery that still surrounds the case.

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Damien went missing following a night out with friends near his home, after agreeing with his mum that he could stay out two hours after his usual curfew.  He never made it home, and his body has never been found.

Damien’s case forms the latest in a string of true crime hits. And if Making A Murderer and Serial’s success is anything to go by, we think it’s going to be pretty big.

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Damien’s mum, Valerie Nettles, claims that a loss of evidence hindered the case, but says that she can’t move on until she finds out what really happened to her son.

The eight-part series, which is available to stream and download now on BBC Three, will take you through the story of Damien’s final moments before his disappearance, as well as showcasing the evidence surrounding the case.

Searching for clues, the reporters speak to Damien’s family and friends, as well as some ex-cops who speak out off the record.

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Each episode is between 13 and 18 minutes long, and will attempt to uncover what happened that night, almost 20 years ago…

The full story will no doubt be heartbreaking, but it’s time to get your amateur detective heads on too.

See you on the other side, in eight episodes time…