The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over This *Unbelievable* Gluten-Free Water

You should never trust what you read on the internet, that’s a given. However, we’ve all grown up in the age where the internet has gone from an undiscovered badland to a bustling metropolis in the course of a decade and a bit. As such, we’re still too trusting off what we read on our Facebook timelines than our kids will be…

I say this because we, unlike them, are suckers for sensationalism and trending bits and bobs. As soon as I read about Gluten-Free water I couldn’t help but laugh. “You serious, internet?”, I asked out loud in an empty room. Real or not I had to look deeper and see how the internet were reacting to this new product. Spoiler: not well.

For anyone suffering intolerances or coeliac disease, the wider accessibility of gluten-free products has been a god-send. It’s important that we have a transparent dialogue about dietary requirements across the market.

However, as with all trends, there’s always someone out there trying to make a quick buck from these food-trends. However, gluten-free water is too silly to actually trick anyone into buying it, right?

Enter, Clara Water. The company that is pedalling gluten-free water with the tagline “because you can never be too sure”. The philosophy behind this monstrosity is a combatting against the hidden ingredients in the food and drink we consume. If you need convincing, the site includes an amazingly pretentious flow chart featuring the words “self-control” and “righteous path”…

Image credit: Clara Water

Image credit: Clara Water

If you hadn’t guessed, this is 100% a hoax. What’s funny though is that there is no evidence of that on the website. The creator of the fake-start-up, Aaron Binder, couldn’t believe how many people it fooled. It just says more about us that we’re willing to believe that company’s would create such an useless product as gluten-free water…