Una Healy Explains Why She’s No Longer Una Foden

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re Una Healy, apparently quite a lot.

The Saturdays singer, 34, left fans pretty concerned about the state of her marriage when she reverted to her maiden name on Twitter last week.

As you probably know, the Irish beauty was known as Healy before marrying rugby hunk Ben Foden in 2012.

> Una Healy wed rugby star Ben Foden in 2012


A year later, Una – who has kids Aoife and Tadhg with Ben – announced that she was changing her moniker to take on her hubby’s surname.

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She switched her Twitter handle to @UnaFoden, and her display name to Una Foden.

> Una Healy and Ben Foden have (super-adorable) children Aoife and Tadhg together


But while her handle still reads Foden, her display name is now Healy again. It’s all a bit confusing, so it’s no wonder that followers were a tad worried.

However, Una was quick to clear up the speculation.

> Una Healy sent this Tweet to her followers


She reasurred everyone by Tweeting: ‘I just would like to clarify that I am a very happily married Mrs Foden but have decided to go as Una Healy from now on with work X.’ Phew.

Relieved replies included: ‘Glad that you are happily married xxx,’ and: ‘ok I admit I’m happy because I love your name as Una Healy [sic].’

When one fan asked if she was close to putting out a solo track, Una teased: ‘I promise it won’t be long now David!x’

> Una Healy is working on solo music. Ooh


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She and Ben clearly found the whole sitch pretty amusing.

Ben, 30, later joked: ‘Just to clear things up further my stage name (when my album drops) will be Ben Healy! #benuna #supportingthewife #alwaysproud.’

> Una Healy rose to fame as 1/5 of The Saturdays


Lolz. Glad to hear everything’s hunky-dory, lady. And looking forward to seeing what your solo career brings!