Um. Are Liam Payne And Cheryl Getting Engaged?

Liam Payne and Cheryl (who’s now dropped her surname completely, it seems) shocked the showbiz world when they announced their romance earlier this year.

Dating rumours first surrounded the pair in December, and they went public in February by means of an Instagram post. How else?

Now it seems that, although they’ve only been together for seven months, they could be taking the relationship to the next level. Yep, we’re talking marriage, guys.

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> The tattoo that inspired the engagement ring… (apparently)


It’s Cheryl’s 33rd birthday soon, and the Daily Star reports that Liam has splashed on on a black diamond and ruby ring, inspired by Cheryl’s bum tattoo, of all things.

Their impending engagement is apparently so likely that the bookies have reduced the odds of Liam proposing from 6-1 to 4-1.

The wedding itself won’t be for a while, though – Cheryl’s divorce from her ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini isn’t finalised yet.

> Could a proposal be on the cards just in time for Cheryl’s next birthday?


She split with the Frenchman last year after 18 months of marriage, but there are rumours their divorce is being drawn out as they try to come to a financial agreement.

It doesn’t look like Cheryl’s divorce woes are stopping her enjoying her relationship with Liam, though. The ex-One Direction star has posted a number of cosy selfies of the pair in the last few weeks.

Cheryl’s been less forthcoming on her own Instagram, but has been happily attending events with him. In May, the pair went to the Cannes Film Festival together.

We’ll have to wait until Cheryl’s actual birthday for any big announcements, but we reckon an engagement isn’t out of the question. Whatever happens, we hope you have a good birthday, Chezza.

> Cheryl isn’t yet divorced from her husband, Jean Bernard Versini…