Uber Will Now Predict Where You’re Going And It’s Freaking Us Out

Do you ever feel a little freaked out when you order an Uber and there’s one literally ten meters from you? It’s like the driver knew you were going to summon them. Obviously that sounds crazy but considering this new update from the ride-ordering app, we’re not too far away from that reality.

An update is on the way that will simplify the interface and give you handy recommendations during your ride. Things like restaurants and things to do will pop up as you approach your destination.

But the weirdest thing of all: Uber will now predict where you’re going before you type your destination in…

Image credit: Uber

Image credit: Uber

You’ll notice on the update that you’re allowed to add three address shortcuts to the home screen: your home and work address as well as a third that it predicts for you and it’ll probably be what you were going to type there anyway.

The app uses your phone’s calendar and Uber history to make this decision for you. While this isn’t particularly revolutionary, it really makes us think about how much of our lives we’re inputting onto our phones.

The update will also incorporate other apps like Snapchat. While riding in your Uber, it will offer geofilters showing your current ETA!

As Mashable report, the company are currently working on making Uber even more integrated with the rest of your phone. One idea is to get the app to show you train timetables if it knows you’re heading to the train station.

Another idea is to be able to send your driver to your friends via their Uber apps since “people are the new places”. How weird is the future turning out to be?

So how do you feel about these updates? Changing the future for the better or predicting things it has no business predicting?