13 Types Of People You’ll Find At A Music Festival

1. The tall person


…Who, inevitably, always ends up standing in front of you. Typical. 

2. The social media addict

Someone who lives every experience through their mobile phone screen.

Whether it be for heavily-filtered Instagram snaps or endless Snapchat updates, this crew will have a phone permanently glued to their hand. That is, until their battery dies.

3. The modern day hippies



Those that want to wear real flowers in their hair (no fake hair garlands for them, oh no) and will spend a period of time meditating and being one with nature before getting down to it.

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4. The unhappy camper

There’s one in every group. They will be the one moaning about the lack of comfortable sleep, amount of mud and the smell.

Oh, the smell…

5. The peak-too-sooners

It’s likely that you’ll find this gang asleep in a pool of their own vomit.

6. The ones that can’t stop


Some people just want to keep on partying like it’s 1999. Even after the clean up crew descends.

7. The pop fan

Possibly holding a hand-made

8. The fancy dress fanatics

There’s almost always a banana, a ghost buster and someone in a monkey suit. 


9. The baby

Yes, there’s always that couple who wants to take their toddler along for their first festival experience.

Brave. Very brave.

10. The dad

There’s also that one ‘proper’ adult that’s on a mission to relive their glory days.

11. Shoulder girls


A sea of them.

See also: the tall person. Sigh.

12. Mud wrestlers

Because, why not? You just don’t see that much mud at home.

13. The festival connoisseur


They’ve seen all of the bands at least 4 times before. Obvs. 

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By Laura Jane Turner

Images: Tumblr