10 Types Of People You’re Bound To Find In The Gym

Hands up who noticed that their gym felt a little bit empty this week?

Well, that’s because February 12th (Tuesday) was the official day that most people drop off their post-NYE healthy gym wagon, according to a survey done by Gold’s Gym. Oops.

Known as falling off ‘the fitness cliff’, this is largely due to people feeling impatient about results (or lack of them), and losing their motivation. We get that.

If you’re currently struggling with your workout regime, here’s a little something that will cheer you up. Because there’s no denying that all gyms have those specific tribes of people that you’ll  ALWAYS bump into.

Here are the 10 types of people you’re bound to find at the gym.

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(Well, at least it keeps things interesting…)

1. The eager beaver 

There’s always one. 

Most definitely taking the spot at the front of every early morning class. And a total teacher’s pet with the instructor. 

2. The accident-prone one 

The gym can be a dangerous place you know. 

3. The poser 

Easily identified. They’ll be the ones paying more attention to their reflections than the equipment. And they’ll take at least seven selfies at each machine.

And, flex. 

4. The loudmouth 

Some of us came here for a bit of peace and quiet, thanks. 

5. The pervert

We came here to work out, not to be ogled at from across the room. 

6. The inappropriate dressers

PLEASE check your leggings in the mirror before you leave the house. 

And wear decent shoes. 

7. The one month wonders

New year new you… 

Until February 1st. 

8. The equipment hoggers

An hour just at the leg machine?

9. The messy ones

It’s simply not okay to ditch your weights in the middle of the room.

If you’re strong enough to lift the weights, you’re strong enough to put them back. 

10. The know-it-alls

Unless you’re a personal trainer, we don’t need to be told.