Love Island’s Tyne-Lexy Shares Some Secrets After Being Dumped From The Villa

Tyne-Lexy had a LOT to say about some of her former islanders...

Tyne-Lexy Clarson just became the latest islander to be dumped from the Love Island villa.

In her first interview since waving farewell to her fellow contestants, she has opened up about her journey on the show.

The blue-eyed beauty had a tough time when she failed to connect with anyone romantically, and admitted that she felt really lonely during her time on the ITV2 show.

Love Island host Caroline Flack asked her: ‘Was it frustrating in there for you, not getting with anyone?’

Tyne-Lexy confessed: ‘Yeah it was definitely frustrating.’

She continued: ‘I mean, I went in there kind of thinking that out of six boys hopefully one of them would fancy me…

‘But when you’re in there you realise how close-knit everyone is and after a while I started to feel really, really lonely because obviously Gabby got with Marcel.’

Caroline empathised: ‘We saw, and we should talk about this because you got so upset at one point and it really did touch us. Why were you so upset?’

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‘I’m an only child and the friends I have on the outside world, girl-wise, are girly-girls, they’re nice, nice girls,’ the ex-Islander shared.

‘But in there I think, sometimes with Jess and Olivia, it’s kind of like going back to Senior School when there were the two girls who were just not nice to people.’

‘Were they not nice to you?’ a shocked Caroline asked.

‘No, not really,’ the 20-year-old admitted.

‘But I can handle myself, I’m a big girl. But sometimes it just gets you down a little bit when you’re in there.’

Aw!? We just want to give Tyne-Lexy a big ol’ hug.

Ever the girls’ girl, Flackers wasn’t impressed at the news. She said: ‘Aw, that’s horrible… I don’t like hearing that.’

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Later on in the show, Tyne-Lexy was asked who she would have stepped forward for out of the original five boys.

‘I would have stepped forward for Dom, definitely,’ confident Tyne responded.

‘Out of the original five he’s definitely the best looking but, since I’ve got to know him even more, he’s got a lot to him as well and he’s very, very smart. He’s really interesting.’

When the panel seemed shocked at this, the Love Island lady continued: ‘I wouldn’t say he’s the most intelligent, but he gives motivational speeches for a job and he’s really enthusiastic and he’s got a really positive energy about him which is why sometimes I do question why he’s with Jess…’

Ooh! Serious shade thrown there by Tyne-Lexy, and Caroline was loving it…

Yup. That was our face at home, too.

Tune into ITV2 tonight at 9pm to find out how the contestants coped after that shock re-coupling…

We. Cannot. Wait.

By Emily Jefferies