Love Island’s Tyla Carr Addresses The Leaked Voice Note From ‘Muggy’ Mike

This was VERY awkward to watch on Love Island: After Sun...

News began circulating yesterday about a leaked voice note from Love Island‘s Mike Thalassitis’s phone, which heard him confessing that he wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with fellow Islander Tyla Carr – among some other pretty personal info about the brunette model.

So of course, when the couple appeared on last night’s Love Island: After Sun, presenter Caroline Flack addressed the message.

She began: ‘Now Mike, I have to do this now…

‘It has been widely reported in the press today that you said this about Tyla. I’m going to read it word for word so I don’t get it wrong: “I’m not really going to go there with her – she’s fit. I thought she was one of the best looking in there but no, I wanna do bits when I get out.”

‘So, Michael… What are “bits”?’

Looking extremely uncomfortable, the footballer replied: ‘Erm, first of all – that conversation is just a guy talking to another guy. Lad chat, yeah. You do end up talking s*** in those chats so I was obviously talking a little bit of s*** there.’

Caroline pressed: ‘But what bits do you want to do? Whose bits do you want to do?’

‘Yeah, whose bits do you wanna do?’ a scorned Tyla chipped in.

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Laughing awkwardly, Mike tried to brush it off: ‘I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.’

Tyla and Mike on Love Island

When asked how she felt about hearing the leaked voice note, Tyla replied: ‘Obviously hearing that was not a nice thing at all. Like, when I left that villa I left as a couple. I had ended things with Jonny on the basis that I didn’t know anyone else was there so I felt that was genuine enough, and when I met you [Mike] my feelings were genuine.

‘Things had happened and I felt like for then Mike to say that was a bit like a kick in the teeth.

‘To be honest, my head has been all over the place. I want to get to know you [Mike] more and we’ve said we still want to go out on a date. He has explained himself and he has apologised profusely.’

Mike went on to admit that he really was ‘Muggy Mike’, adding: ‘I do regret saying that because it was a bit muggy to Tyla.

‘Our relationship is basically the same as it was when we left the villa. We haven’t seen each other since we got back to England because she’s been in Norwich.’

But despite this, fans didn’t seem convinced.

One viewer took to Twitter to write: ‘#loveislandaftersun tonight’s aftersun was great I loved the panel & was funny seeing muggy Mike mug off Tyla shud ave stuck with johnny,’ while another said: ‘Lol Tyla thought it was love but Mike has no feelings for anyone but himself [sic].’

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Uh-oh, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise…

By Emily Jefferies