Tyla Carr Admits On Love Island That She Once Dated A Married Man

And viewers had A LOT to say...

Love Island‘s Tyla Carr confessed something pretty shocking about her dating history last night.

In a revealing conversation with new Islander Theo Campbell, the 24-year-old admitted that she once dated a married man. Eeep.

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Tyla on Love Island

Tyla headed out on a date with new lad Theo yesterday – and revealed A LOT…

She said: ‘So I dated someone for four years, when I was quite young.

‘Then I dated another guy. It’s a long story but he was married. And then I found out he had a girlfriend as well.’

Theo joked that Tyla was the ‘side side chick’, to which she said: ‘I was the side chick hopefully.’ But after Theo defended her actions, she did admit that it wasn’t right.

Theo on Love Island

Theo joked about Tyla being a ‘side side chick’

Viewers couldn’t help but agree, with Tweets including: ‘#LoveIsland Tyla just done herself no favours admitting she was having an affair with a married man…..,’ and: ‘Tyla talking about her ex who was married & had another girlfriend just adds to the list of why she needs to go 👋🏻👋🏻 #loveisland [sic].’

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And that wasn’t the only controversial thing she got up to yesterday. When Tyla and Theo participated in a game of beer gong, they got tongues wagging once again.

Jonny was NOT happy with Tyla’s smooch

Theo ended up having to give the Surrey girl a smooch – in front of her beau Jonny Mitchell. Jonny, 26, was clearly uncomfortable about this, calling out: ‘No tongues please!’

He later took to the Beach Hut to admit his frustrations, telling the camera: ‘You know what, it’s a game at the end of the day and I’m not a jealous person.

‘But I just don’t like him. He’s a funny lad. I feel like he’s going to stir the pot a bit.’

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