Love Island Viewers Noticed Something About Tyla That They’re Not Happy About

Grafting for Jonny, the new islander brought something up that didn't impress #Jamilla shippers...

Love Island fans seem to be pretty furious with Jonny Mitchell right now.

Why? Well, many believe that he’s on the verge of SHATTERING CAMILLA’S HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES.

Sad face.

Viewers of last night’s episode were left distraught by the fact that Jonny was talking to Marcel and Dom about his future with Cam’, admitting that she wouldn’t be his usual type outside of the villa. He also admitted that he thought they were going too slowly, and that he wasn’t sure how compatible they really were.

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Making everything worse, he failed to have the conversation with the one person that actually mattered – Camilla – and opted to couple-up with her again at the end of the show.

Leaning in to whisper something in her ear, Jonny told her that they needed to chat. And we think we know what it might be about…

Earlier on that day, he was chatting to new girl Tyla – and she’s made no secret of her attraction for him.

Jonny did confess to some of the boys that Tyla was his usual type and exactly what he’d been looking for when signing up to go on the show.

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Deciding it was time to graft, Ty’ put Jonny on the spot about his relationship with Camilla.

‘Can you be yourself and say your things or do you feel like there are egg shells?’ she asked.

Jonny explained, ‘Everyone knows that I can’t be myself around her… I’m not saying I don’t see a future I just have no idea I don’t know where things might go.’

Confessing that she was initially going to pick Jonny in her first re-coupling, she said: ‘Probably had I gone for the option that I wanted to do in the beginning, things might have been a little bit different.

‘The only reason I cut that off is I saw how nervous you were and I thought maybe that means he really likes Camilla and I thought, I don’t want to do that to someone… You stayed loyal. That shows a lot about your character but you’re staying loyal for the wrong reasons I think.’

But, during one of their other chats, fans of the show pointed out something that you might have missed.

‘As if Tyla brought up paying of the bill to Johnny, after she watched Johnny and Camilla argue about it the other week,’ one fan pointed out.


During a chat in the kitchen, Tyla recalled one of her previous dates (outside of the villa) and brought up the payment of the bill. Of course, we can all remember that this exact topic sparked a row for Jamilla a while ago, resulting in their short break-up.

Other social media reactions included: ‘Tyla bringing up her paying for the bill on a date earlier because she knows Jonny and Camilla argued about it😳 used to like her tbf’ and ‘Tyla talking to Jonny about splitting the bill on a date cos she knows full well that’s what him and Camilla fell out about? #Loveisland 🐍’.

So, was it an innocent chat? Or did Tyla have other motives for bringing it up?