Tyla Carr Faces Trolling On Social Media Following Her Exit From Love Island

Poor Tyla has been receiving a lot of hate on her Instagram...

Last night’s Love Island saw Tyla Carr and Mike Thalassitis dumped from the show after they received the fewest votes from the public.

Having sparked controversy after moving on very quickly with Mike after her beau Jonny had left the villa, it’s safe to say that Tyla had lost a few fans over the past few days.

But she could never have expected the level of hate she would receive on social media.

On a recent picture posted from representatives on her Instagram account, negative comments came flooding in.

‘Boring as hell,’ ‘Thank goodness you’re out,’ and ‘Yassssss She’s gone’ were just a few of the tamer comments posted on Tyla’s snap.

Some of the more detailed comments included: ‘The way she treated everyone was horrid. At first I thought she was nice but the way she acted with Theo and especially after Jonny was gone?!???!? It’s awful and I must say this is the best dumping yet😂😂.’

Another read: ‘I really liked her at the start mainly because of her looks she is very pretty. But seeing the way that you treated Theo was so disgusting and the way you laughed when he left so mean and nasty .No point being pretty on the outside if you have an ugly heart [sic].’

Tyla and Mike on Love Island

Tyla and Mike got smoochy before leaving the villa

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One follower seemed undecided: ‘She doesn’t deserve bullying as that’s stooping to her level but I’m glad she s gone – like someone said no apology to poor Georgia for being so catty; stealing Jonny off camilla then making Him jump through hoops and feel unworthy of her affection- not an appealing personality at all and that’s what people remember – not how someone’s looks [sic].’

This comes just one day after Cara De La Hoyde, Love Island 2016 winner, posted her view on online trolling on Twitter.

Jonny Mitchell kept his beau Tyla Carr in the villa when he chose to be the one to leave

The pregnant star wrote: ‘Seriously ino everyone is entitled to an opinion but I think people are using it as an excuse now to tweet the vilest things to people 1/2.

‘Freedom of speech and all that but there’s a line when you are just being abusive and threatening people need to know the difference 2/2 [sic].’

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We have to agree with Cara on this one, nobody deserves to be trolled online.

By Emily Jefferies