Why Did Tyga Storm Out Of This Interview About Kylie?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship has been called into question after a very awkward interview where one of them ‘stormed off’.

Yep, sources are claiming that it all got a bit too much for rapper Tyga during an interview with an Australian journalist, resulting in him ending up walking out mid-chat. Eek.

According to the Courier Mail, the interview to promote his music tour was going swimmingly to start with, with Tyga gushing: ‘The tour has been great. The people of Australia have been treating me real good.’ 

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Kylie jenner and Tyga Kylie and Tyga have previously made no secret of their relationship


‘I love coming out here. It is like the closest thing to LA for me’, he added.

But then, things went a little downhill. Because the minute Tyga was asked about girlfriend Kylie, he said: ‘End of interview’.

The 26-year-old then reportedly proceeded to ‘storm off’, cutting the interview short and presumably leaving the journalist a little wounded.

kylie jenner Kylie hasn’t been pictured with Tyga on social media for a few weeks…


So, what’s with the sudden refusal to discuss his relationship? Tyga’s been known to big up his Kardashian beau on his Instagram account, and the couple have been pictured together numerous times over the past few months.

In fact, they’ve looked more loved up than other lately – although there was that rumour from earlier this week…

21-year-old cafe worker Tiffani Kathleen Birdas sold her story to the Courier Mail claiming that the musician asked for her details on social media on Wednesday before inviting her to the VIP section of his Brisbane concert.

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Tiffani then claims she was whisked to Tyga’s after-party where her phone was confiscated upon entry. 

‘It was like a dream. Tyga was lovely, he was really relaxed and chilled and really humble,’ Miss Birdas reportedly said.

Hmm. Well, nothing is said to have happened, and this kind of thing does happen alot when it comes to after-parties. Still, we hope all is well in camp Kyga.