How Twitter’s Big New Change Will Affect You

Twitter has introduced a BIG new change – and users aren’t sure how to feel about it.

Up until now, what appears on your Twitter feed has always been determined solely by time – the most recent tweets are at the top, right?

But now, Twitter has changed its timeline so that it will be customised to you, meaning the tweets it deems most ‘relevant’ to you will appear at the top, as opposed to the most recent. Hmm.

So far, users have reacted in a big way, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter trending right straight the news was announced. Well, it is a big change.

But why? Well, the fact that the tweets in your timeline were totally random and unfiltered was one of Twitter’s signature features, compared to sites like Facebook which use an algorithm to put the most ‘important’ posts at the top of your feed. 

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The change is also said to be to please advertisers, by giving more prominence to tweets that are paid for for to promote products. So it’s no wonder people are feeling a little put out.

The way Twitter will work now is that when you log in, you’ll see a few tweets from the past few hours that Twitter thinks you’ll be most interested in at the top. Then, underneath, you’ll see the old school format of tweets in chronological order.

Also, you CAN opt out of the new format, so there’s that.

To see the changes on your own feed, go into Settings – Account and scroll down to tick the new ‘Timeline’ button.

Once you’ve tried it, let us know your verdict below…